Readymade Garment Washing in Kolkata and Patna

The Readymade Garments Finishers with a Difference

Osho is the leading readymade garments finishers in India. We work with zeal to stand out in the crowded garment industry. Our contemporary facility customises a variety of fabrics. We are renowned for providing a fashionable range of readymade outfits. We cater to both men and women of all age.

At Osho, the process flow ranges from customising fabric to making unique finished products. Our garment factories are well-engineered. Our experts coordinate all the essential activities for factory establishment in a seamless manner. The team boasts dedicated designers, merchandisers, master tailors and skilled workers. Together we deliver the highest quality within the stipulated time frame.

Osho has indeed attributed a new dimension in the domain of readymade garments in Kolkata. We have a state-of-the-art facility and utilise the best technology practices. We comply with a stringent quality check measure. The objective is to ensure that each product exceeds the expectation of the customer. The entire process includes stitching, finishing, labelling, washing, and packaging. All these are constituted in our in-house capacity.

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Osho is the readymade garment finisher with years of distinct experience. We have gained enough insight, developed a fresh outlook and address different issues that keep coming up. We strive to offer the best service to our patrons.

Here are some of the unique finishing processes we implement,

  • Cloud Wash: This is the process to attribute a special effect of white patches to the surface of the garment appearing like cloud in the skyy.
  • Over Dyeing (OD): It is the process of dyeing the fabric either for a longer time or for the second time. This process is used on black or indigo or black denim fabric often.
  • Enzyme Wash: It is a laundering process mainly used for garment or fabric washing. Enzymes are used to soften and finish the fabric to offer a worn-in feel and look to denim and other fabrics.
  • Silicon Softener Wash: Silicone softener constitute compound of organic polysiloxane and polymer. They are applied as finishing auxiliaries widely in textile industry for soft finishing of natural fibres including cotton, wool, silk, hemp and human hair.
  • Acid wash: This is the process in which base colour of the garment is taken out by spraying acid over it at specified points to offer a unique design to the garment or the fabric.
  • Pigment dying: This is an electrical process of dyeing where an electrical charge is induced at the opposite side of the pigment..

Our team of professionals offer a unique range of effects to be incorporated in the garment and help you stylise them distinctively. Some of the popular effects we incorporate include,

  • DX1
  • Blast
  • Tagging
  • Tearing
  • Whiskers
  • Blocking
  • Scrapping
  • Crackle

Overall, the picture is bright for us. We are steadily getting ready to explore greater horizons as readymade garments finishers. Our success is constituted by the right balance of infrastructure, organisation, process, and technology. We efficiently adopt international benchmarks and best practices to stand out in the competitive market

We strive to have an agile, compliant, manufacturing set-up. This helps us in offering a dynamic yet cost-effective solution. We're continually working towards meeting the ever-changing demands. We have projected ourselves as a trusted readymade garments shop and can cater to every fashion need.

Get in touch with us for bulk requirements and experience the difference for yourself!